Has Social Media/Phones taken away our Humanity?

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what has the world come to?
we sit around and film everything instead of reacting with our eyes
we travel places and the first thing we think to do is to pull out our phones and post on our snapchat stories.
why can we no longer enjoy the beauty of things that are right in front of our eyes.
we spend so much time recording beauty through a screen in order to save it for later, that we’re failing to enjoy the initial sight and excitement of seeing it right in front of our faces.
people are shot or stuck in distress, yet we’d rather film it than lend our helping hand and see where we can be of some assistance;
will going viral or saving a life be more important to you?
we’re so quick to want to be the first with information that we no longer know how to be human
on social media there isnt a such thing as common courtesy.
i got on twitter to see videos of a young man’s body, lifeless. no one was trying to help, but rather filming and posting disturbing visuals for the world to see.
its kills me that social media has really taken people’s morals away.
i see people tweeting “he was a rapist, he beat a gay man almost to death. who cares.” huh???
is this really the world we live in?
it sounds like we’re just as bad as the white supremicist that shout racist slurs at us.
he was a human. right or wrong, he lost his life.
from his music in my personal opinion i could see that he was learning from his past mistakes and beginning to beat his depression. unfortunately, on the last straw of his battle, someone else took the life that he didn’t want for so long.
i had to put my phone down and just allow myself to think freely with no other opinions for a little after reading so much hate on my timeline.
it may just be twitter, but it’s still a reflection of who we are at the end of the day.
has your phone compromised your way of thinking?

Remainder: (notes where i wanted to go back and attack areas of “weakness” in my argument)

yes, people can question if it was another person would we still root for the recovery, but y’all are failing to realize he was a human. i don’t want to see anyone die regardless of the life they may have lived. life was given to us by God, so no one should be able to take it but him.
yes, it’s easier to accept a death when you only have negative connotations of the person in your head. however some people genuinely felt this man on another level through his music. that’s the greatness of music being an outlet that you can express yourself on creatively.

there is a connection between me and how his music had an impact on my life in a time of need, and because of that it’s hard to wrap my head around how the man died.

no matter what his past may have been like he didn’t deserve to die the way he did.

deaths of celebrities has always rubbed me the wrong way though, lets look at Prince death for example.

from what i know he was a very private man, and one of the main things about him was that he owned all his music and made it clear he didn’t want his music sold off and auctioned after he passed away.

what was one of the first things we did when he died?

take advantage of what he did while he was alive and use it to bring revenue to people who may have barely cared for him while he was still with us.

why do we feel the need to go deeper when people die? we bring all their dirty laundry to the air and began dragging a defenseless person through the mud.

my mama always told me “if you don’t have anything good to say, don’t say anything at all”

i’ve also heard “what’s done in the dark will come to the light”

maybe we shouldn’t be so sensitive when these matters arise. or maybe we should let the dead be dead. nothing we do can bring any real light or change from the person them-self.

maybe its just how i was raised, but seeing a life lost especially in a way that wasn’t God himself saying he’s ready for you isn’t correct.

yes you can say that maybe God is using the way of the death to have another meaning we’re not currently seeing, but condoning the lost of a life no matter the person is very un-humane to me.

if we watched a movie with Adolf Hitler, Donald Trump, and George Zimmerman(just to name a few of the most hated men in the world) and they were being beat to death slowly while we could all watch, even though they may have a past and a history of hate we’d somewhat shy away from it because the visual of the harm and damage done just isn’t humane to sit and watch for enjoyment.

theres a time and place for everything, but i think phones have made it dangerous to where you can see any place or anywhere at any time.

-Bruce G.

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