Birthday Motivation (Get off Your Ass and Hustle)

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It’s my damn Birthday, I’m finally 20 innishoe!!!! I’m grown, but I still can’t curse around my parents grown lol. This will be a motivational post in a way. I made this for myself, but also to hopefully inspire someone else to get off they ass and hustle. for so long since I’ve gotten into college I’ve found myself being too busy worrying about everyone else and not enough on myself. I’m the person with the big heart that people take advantage of. I get it from my mama, she just raised me to be a gentleman and it seems that it’s always mistaken for a weakness. when I’m asked what do I bring to the table, I bring the table; I brought the chair you’re sitting on.

I had to level up recently and realize my worth. too many times I sit quietly and people assume it’s because I’m weak when I’m actually just analyzing my surroundings and how people are acting in them. I like to soak in the valuable things I can learn from my surroundings and take those talents and put them to use in my own way. for example, I’ll work at a job just to learn how to run the company and take that knowledge and apply it to my daily life. my whole life I’ve been the little kid hanging around all the older kids just listening to the game they’re dropping and learning how to manipulate that information into my own gains in life. I have to get out of the thought process of thinking that if I don’t see the progress being made that there is none being made. this thinking had me feeling like I’ve been in a stagnant stage of my life when this has really been the learning phase of my life.

Coming to college I’ve learned more about myself in these one and a half years than I could’ve found out in all my younger years of youth. I’ve grown in many areas in that I’m learning from within. I’m so used to people pouring information into me I rarely take the time to inform myself and make it all make sense. that’s why time of reflection is needed, just slow down and think about things sometimes a cluttered brain is no good.

let’s fast forward to where I am now in life…. I’d say I’m in my developmental stages of everything. Many ideas are in the works and process of jumping off soon, so stay tuned to what else I have up my sleeve this year. since I was a kid I knew I’d be great in some way possible. there’s no way I can have this much ambition and desire inside of me and I never touch greatness, its God’s plan. like my boy DJ Maund said “Ain’t know if I’m going to make it, I know I’m going to make it I’m just trynna speed up the process” we up all the rest of 2018, get in your duffy and grind. time is irrelevant, happiness and the joy from chasing your dreams is what should drive you to wake up daily and get off your ass and hustle. the dream is sold free, the grind is sold separately like some double a batteries. my boy meek mill said ” since dreaming wasn’t enough we had to chase that shit” Chase your dreams, it’s the one true thing about you that no one can take away from you. Be blessed on this great holiday that’s also my birthday.



(My cashapp name is $KHarden24 all birthday donations will be accepted lol)

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