“Reclaiming My Time”

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Why do we give so much of our time to things that don’t benefit us?

We give our energy to people that could care less about it.

We care for people more than they bother to care for themselves.

We help others chase their dreams while forgetting to chase our own.

Reclaim your time.

That person that only hit you up to talk about relationship problems, but when you need some input on an issue in your life they seem to be nowhere to be found.

Reclaim your time.

That person you hit up when its past your bedtime and you’re lonely and want some company.

Reclaim your time.

Stop giving people so many pieces of yourself without taking the time to complete your puzzle.

I think sometimes we forget that life isn’t something we are supposed to have.

We’re graced with a certain time period on earth, don’t spend it all worrying about what everyone else has going on.

Reclaim your time.

Chase your dreams, build steady relationships with genuine people, love yourself.

Don’t mistake reclaiming your time with selfishness, do unto others as you would want to be done unto yourself.

Reclaim your sanity.

The mind is very powerful, the law attraction tells us whatever energy we put out into the world we will receive.

How many times have you sat back complaining about something over and over and the same results kept happening to you?

Reclaim your positivity.

Don’t let the irrelevant factors of life be what holds you back from being the best you, we live once don’t spend your life trying to live someone else life

Reclaim your life.

Those ideas you constantly think about and dream about, chase them. Research into them. Don’t be afraid of the potential failure. It’s a part of the process, you’ll learn more from a loss than you can from a win.

Reclaim your dreams.

Don’t block your blessings trying to keep up and ask God about someone else’s life. Focus on yourself and make sure your story at the end of your life ends with a happy ending. I’m praying for positivity, blessings, and a clear mind for everyone reading this blog post.

Reclaim your time.



(Happy Birthday to my brother Bryce Matthews, boys big 20 now. We growing up family, keep God first in everything you do. izup)

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