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Life has a crazy way of showing things. If you ponder on your downfalls too long you might begin to recreate them. In life you have to have a short term memory while also being able to review your losses and turn them into wins. A lot of our stress comes from thinking we are the only ones experiencing  setbacks. With certain situations in life we have to learn how to charge things to the game.

Things we can charge to the game:

  • Anything out of your control
  • Any loss you take
  • these hoes/niggas

Now if something is stopping you from chasing a goal or that bag, don’t charge it to the game. For that, we just get rid of it and make the necessary adjustments to get back on top.

Life is all about your mindset and how what you comprehend helps you grow. Stop thinking because you’re 20 and struggling that the rest of your life will follow as such. Make the adjustments now and sacrifice some of your youth to make sure you can kick back and relax later down the road. As I’ve said before “A change in your mindset can be the change your life needed”.

To grasp the big picture I want you to charge any negativity to the game, but just because you charge it to the game doesn’t mean that’s it. Make the adjustments to make sure you won’t have to charge that same thing to the game again. I hate the saying “practice makes perfect”. You can practice something wrong a million times, now all did was take 10 steps forward for the effort of the practice, but also came back 50 steps because you practiced the skill incorrectly. Perfect practice makes perfect. Don’t think just because you made an effort to change the situation it should fixed forever. That’s the equivalent to praying to God on a test you never studied for and thinking just because you passed the test you can use this same preparation each time and expect the same results. Repetition can either kill you or build you, I don’t know about y’all but I’m not going out sadDo something today that you’ll wake up and thank yourself for tomorrow. 



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