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I feel like I’ve been stuck in a cycle for a while now. It’s like my routine changes, but it still feels like I do the same thing every day. They say to break a bad habit you have to go without it for 21 days. I feel we get comfortable in life and with the people around us because we can’t always see how they are weighing us down. Not everyone you meet is supposed to ride with you until the wheels fall off, sometimes you have to make a little pit stop and kick them out on the curb.

Change isn’t easy. Change comes with a lot of hard decisions. Change can be you leaving the dude that beats you even though he claims to love you or change can be changing your circle because they can no longer help you grow as a person anymore. Now let’s get a few things settled…

“you changed up”

No you just wanted me to stay the same forever so you’ll always have somebody to who’s going in circles in life just like you. Stop feeling like everyone is turning their backs on you, life will never stay the same. We all have lives we are trying to live, I can’t sit around in your face every day and we’re not growing in any form. Don’t get so comfortable trying to chill all the time and lose focus of what your goals are. It’s ok to make changes in your life, everybody needs that spring cleaning to get rid of those toxic people that we don’t know are toxic because we are blinded by life and loyalty. 

Not everyone will accept when you start making changes in your life to better yourself, and that’s fine. “People will always judge you for who you are, not where you’re going.” Don’t get me wrong people love to see you change and become a better person, but then that can attract fake love as well. Some people will only support you because it’s beneficial to themselves or until you reach a level that now is better than them. Don’t feel like you’re ever in competition with someone else. We only compete with the man in the mirror pleighboi.

Separate yourself from the pack. Be a leader and make your own way. If one door closes, that means another one is soon opening. Keep that drive alive, if you don’t believe in yourself, how can you expect someone else to? Be your own conductor, stop allowing other people to drive your life. Get control and grab the wheel. There’s a reason it’s only one wheel in the car that controls the destination. 

”Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” – Mahatma Gandhi


shoutout to my barber FadeGawd, he inspired this post over a cool chop it up session at the shop. book with my boy he’s the best barber in the south.


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