Falling in love with images…

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What makes me stick out? I’m not sure honestly. I use to think girls liked me for my eyes when i was younger. So many times I would have girls and older women tell me how much they loved my eyes and wished they could have a baby with me so they would have my eyes as well….. weird but ok. My eyes would win me a lot though when I was younger. With a certain glance or the right amount of sunlight, I’d get whatever I wanted. The older I got I thought women liked me more for my personality and how I kept them smiling around me. Now I’m not sure what catches a woman’s attention towards me. In a generation where women think 5’11 is 5’2, it’s hard to focus on what can give me the upper hand with women. I’ve always felt that I stood out though. No one compares to me. I never compete with anyone, but if I was it wouldn’t be much of a competition. One thing I do love most about myself is everything is off the dome. I never try to plan out my approach with women, it’s always a freestyle off the vibe that I’m receiving from them. If I ever told you and another girl the same line y’all probably gave me the same feeling or I was just being lazy that day…

I’ve always had this feeling that people love me for how I’m perceived, but not who I am. You know, that first impression you get of someone. Right when they catch your eye… that first thought. that mystery. the feeling of wanting to go deeper and figure it out. Do you know that feeling? Would you say if someone looked at you, the person they’d assume you to be is always accurate? Off the first glance, you may notice me or you may not. I’m usually quiet, I stay to myself and I’m not very talkative, but once you get to know me I open up more than your favorite book. I love the relationship between Batman and the Joker. I don’t see how people can say they love Batman without also loving the fact that the Joker is what takes his character to the next level. Yes, the Joker is a great evil, but he also brings out the best in Batman. But just as he can bring the best out of him, if the Joker crosses the line he can also bring out the worst…

What if people aren’t falling for a false image of me, but an old image of me… hear me out, I feel every woman I encounter meets a different version of me. Some I’m more comfortable with from the jump and others I have to feel out first. What if a woman comes into my life looking for another version of me and I no longer carry those bags around? Am I wrong for growing and no longer having some of my older ways I may have considered toxic? A lot of times I feel woman come into my life trying to recreate the relationship I may have with someone else. They’ll see how open and free I am with that person and compare it to how I am around them. I had a picture I kept as my wallpaper for a while that said: “comparison is the thief of joy”. You can’t spend all day comparing yourself to anyone that is not you from a prior day in your life. How can you be happy when you’re constantly putting yourself in competition against others when you are not them? I learned you can’t spend all your time worrying about someone else or you’re gonna end up missing your own blessing trying to chase theirs.

Life has its highs and lows, but never let a prior image of yourself define the future version of yourself. Each day wake up looking for another way to better yourself. Get your priorities in order and organize your surrounding area. If you wake up then go to sleep at night and didn’t better yourself at all that day, you just wasted your time.  Get that confidence in yourself that you have when no one is around and you’re in the mirror singing like a crowd of a million is watching. Growing up when I’d see girls sing a song, everyone wanted to be Beyonce and sing her part; Be Beyonce and stop acting like your the girl that got kicked out the group. No one likes a negative spirit, gain some positivity in your life and become the great version of yourself that you dream of at night.


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    1. People get a little height on them and start talking down on us 5’11 people lol. Let us live, I mean we’re basically 6’5?

  1. Man this was good! You’re totally right, comparison can be the death of many things. Death to dreams and desires, death to who we were created to be and much more. Anyone that comes into our lives that tries to make us be who we once were isn’t conducive to our future and they must go! ✌? Keep up the good work!

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