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What dreams stick to you? When we dream at night what is really happening? Sometimes I feel like when I see things twice it’s because I saw it in a dream and just forgot as I do with most dreams when I wake up. Many people love to talk, but few like to actually sit back and listen. What if our dreams are the missing link to the confusion we have within the world?

Recently my dreams have been more vivid than I can imagine. I normally have a lot of dreams that are so close to reality, I’ll be awake and think things may have happened because I dreamed about it and it felt very much real. I keep having dreams about this one person in particular though. I’ve had dreams about many people, but the dreams about this person are sticking more than the others. Could my dreams be telling me to take action off the situation? Is this just my subconscious toying with my emotions like a siren in the sea? Or could the person in the dreams be my Siren and the closer I get the farther I become?

Lucid dreaming was first discovered over 12,000 years ago through paintings done by ancient Egyptians. The paintings illustrated a sleeping body and the soul hovering over it. I did the research and correlated how many patients that try to lucid dream actually end up having sleep paralysis. According to a Pent State University study (, 2019), less than 8 percent of the general population has experienced sleep paralysis. It sounds like such a small number, but when I did some research myself it seemed that those numbers were false… or were they? Sleep paralysis is most common in two groups, which are students and psychiatric patients. Out of  36,533 people surveyed, 28 percent were students that reported experiencing sleep paralysis, and nearly 32 percent of psychiatric patients reported experiencing at least one episode.   I think it would be very interesting to be in my dreams and know that I’m in control of it all. I’d feel like a kid all over again unless something went wrong… I first experienced the thought of lucid dreaming while watching Sharkboy and Lavagirl and seeing the kid Max doing it. I promise every night after that I tried my hardest to lucid dream. Even though I’ve never been successful, I’ll keep trying until I complete my mission. My favorite movie is Inception, maybe it’s because I love the idea of dreams and the world that dreams occur in. They say that most of the witch trial era was just a period of sleep paralysis, people just rather called what happened witchcraft. I guess to them that seemed more logical than calling it sleep paralysis.

Although I’ve never experienced lucid dreaming or sleep paralysis, I love the dream world because I’m so focused on my dreams for myself. In dreams are where I see my future the clearest. To be able to be in that world and control what is happening, I could control my future… right? If I was to perfect the craft and skills it takes to reach all my goals in my dreams when I wake wouldn’t I have the same knowledge? Or at least a percentage? I’ll bet on my idea of the dream world. I feel this ideology fuels me to go harder for my dreams and force me to dream big for my life. If you can see in your head what you want for yourself and you in that situation clear, then if you work towards that goal I guarantee you will recreate that same image. The time periods may not line up as you want, but the constant work put into your goal will most definitely bring you closer and closer to your dream. Never give up on your dreams no matter what. Parents tell us as kids to believe in our dreams because they know if we dedicate all of our energy to that goal then there is no way that we won’t reach it. Chase your dreams, stop expecting validation from people who weren’t called to dream what you dreamt.

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  1. Great topic. I always wonder why I dream the things that I dream, or if there is a way to control my dreams.

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