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Kanye West – Can’t Tell Me Nothing

A lot of apologies are forced… People say what they feel and it causes reactions from other people that may not be the intended reaction. A lot of people say how they want to hear the truth, but the truth has no sides that it chooses… its free. I think a lot of times we feel that our way is the only way. It’s a saying that goes “my way or the highway,” well It doesn’t work that way around me.

I use to have the mindset that I wanted everyone to agree with everything that I said, then I began to get older and realized that right and wrong has more than one perspective. Some people view things from a different angle while others look from another. I’ve always tried to venture out and try to see things from other peoples POV before I react to situations. Most times when someone says something we don’t agree with, our first reaction is to call them dumb then proceed to find other ways to tear down their statement. This is lame to me though. We see this happen in many situations and just jump on the bandwagon to get our thoughts on the situation out too. Just a generation of followers. I think it shows more in a person that decides to stand on the other side of the line and speak their piece rather than just agreeing with the mass. Now I’m not saying always be the person that goes against the grain, but when you have a point make it be known. Don’t allow anyone to stop your voice no matter the cause. The same people that tear you down for speaking out are the same people scared to raise their hand and ask a question in class.

Anyone that knows me truly knows that I say whatever I feel. I don’t really have a filter. I know when and where to say certain things, but still at the root of it all I think I don’t have a filter. I’ve always said what I feel is right and what I consider to be my truth. Growing up I use to hate saying I’m sorry. I’ve never believed in doing anything that I don’t feel is right. Kanye once said “Don’t ever fix your lips like collagen And say something when you gon’ end up apolog’ing” A lot of times when I say whatever comes to my mind, I usually only think on it enough to get the full thought together, then I say it. This is my process simply because I think a lot of thoughts and I like to get things out of my head before I forget whatever I wanted to say. I understand society has become very soft, but that’s not me. I will always say what I want because that’s the genuine in me. People may hate what I’m saying, but they’ll never be able to disagree that I am stating a valid point. My truth is all that I am, I wouldn’t be who I am if I were to go around biting my tongue every second because of the thought that someone might take offense to what I say. This is a big reason I don’t allow too many people close to me, everyone can’t take words the same way they throw them around.

Chance the Rapper – I Might Need Security

The only time I apologize for something is when I actually feel as if I am in the wrong. I mean there are those few times in relationships where I was forced to take that L and apologize so things could move forward, but thats a story for another day. When people try to control my mouth I just take it as them not really knowing me. Most that’s been around me for a while knows that I say whatever comes to my mind. It’s kinda one of the perks to being around me, you will know I’ll never lie to you because I always state the blantant truth regardless of if it benefits you or not. As a whole we have to come together and realize that no one has to please us. We all have freedom of speech and should use it properly. Stop trying to put everyone in a box because you want them to be replicas of yourself. Stop wanting a team of “yes” men and get a team of people that will tell you the truth regardless of the situation. Surrounding yourself with many versions of yourself isn’t always ideal. You need that someone that will go against the norm so that you will have a reason to think on your own actions. Realize that people grew up and were shaped by situations differently than you. Some people use humor in times of horror because that is how they see the light again. Just because you don’t understand the ways of another person doesn’t mean that their views aren’t the same as yours, it’s just being expressed in a different way.


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