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Dating friends is a no-no in my book. I HATE the concept and the idea that dating friends was ever introduced. That awkward switch from friends to dating is almost like jumping from the training wheels to two wheels. When the two worlds collide it’s like an all-out war of emotions clashing together for the first time. Developing a friendship before the relationship is clockwork, but when you can perfectly transition from the friendship to the relationship it’s like you’re living in the stars. You get to see them at a more vulnerable state. You can now see them for them, no barriers, no strings attached, free. The high you can receive while on this rollercoaster would make you a feign for just a second to be in their presence.

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Everyone you meet receives a different version of you, but some people are graced to come across the perfect version of you when the right energy is brought forward. The feeling is rare, but when you’re in the moment you know it. It’s a sense of deja vu, like how you felt when you got your first kiss or was told I love you. When the emotions run so deep for someone you’ll play the waiting game by chilling in the friend zone and getting her more comfortable with you. This is a dangerous game though, some go into the friend zone and never recover. DON’T GET LOST IN THE SAUCE. If you decide to go into the friend zone have a precise plan on how to get in and out. If she gets too comfortable with you as a friend you’ll be the one she’s always running to when her heart is broken, but you’ll never be the one able to piece it back together. But fuck it right? If you really want her you’ll never allow her to hurt… right?

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It’s not hard to be just friends with a girl. Sometimes you can know you have emotions for someone, but you overlook those feelings because you value the friendship more. You can’t dip your feet into the waters and expect it to not start circles of ripples either. Once those feelings are brought to the light there is no point of return. This is the fear that kept you from initially speaking on the emotions you’ve had from the jump. When you reveal to someone that you care for them in a way that they may have never known existed can cause a reaction of emotions they’ve never experienced before as well. You’ve brought forward a foreign type of feeling that they may not receive often and have no way to cope with the new found emotion. They’ll keep running until it eventually makes sense what you were trying to offer, but by then it’ll be too late. It can all piece together perfectly like a puzzle or you can be that last piece that has no place to fit in. Love is a game of cat and mouse, or love is like a giant grandfather clock and you must sway between different waves of love to finally find what you may be missing. How long will you continue on this journey of searching?


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  1. Kory!! You write well and so real. Thanks for sharing. I’m definitely going to be reading these more often.

  2. I was this girl in one instance! I talked to a guy everyday practically became one of my best friends. We had great long conversations about everything for months. When it came time for us to finally meet I found myself realizing I wasn’t sexually attracted to him. He kissed me and all I wanted to do was hug him. Somewhere along those conversations he became or of a friend girl then boyfriend.
    P.s This was such a good read !

    1. Wow… this was one of the best comments I’ve read since I’ve started this blog. It’s crazy how vibes can speak louder than any action or words at times. It’s like when something looks too good we always want to try it, but sometimes your eyes are bigger than your belly.

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