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Nipsey Hussle – Ocean Views

Since I was a kid, I always had the mindset that I was the best at whatever I did. It’s nothing personal against the next man, I just have that confidence in myself that no one is over me. I never looked at it in a negative sense, I feel everyone should have that confidence in themselves and if they don’t then that’s something they should reflect on. To be the best you have to believe that you are the best. It can’t be any doubt in your mind that you are anything less than. A lot of times people try to speak things into existence and put in no work behind it. You aren’t the best, you’re just the best at talking a good game. Pressure burst pipes, when the time comes to see who the real best is then we shall see who will rise to the occasion.

When you’re the best, you have to have a certain swagger in your walk. You can’t be the best and you walk around like a scrub. Let’s take Kawhi Leonard for an example, He’s a great player, has the accolades to back it up, and when you see him play on the court, I dare you to call him anything less than great. Kawhi is one of those players that you see walking in and began to think just because of his quiet nature and the way that he dresses he’s one of the weakest links on the team, but as I said before time will tell who the real best is. NBA Hall of Famer’s will tell you always about how they never would like to start a trash-talking war with Michael Jordan. The reason being, when you put that fire under him to see if he’s gonna spark, he’s gonna show you why he has 6 rings. Jordan was fueled by the trash talk of others, he could still ball without saying a word, but talking trash just made it much more fun. When you know that you are great there is nothing anyone can tell you that makes you think any less of yourself. Do you think a young Kobe could’ve told a Jordan in his prime that he was anything less than what he’s accomplished? Yes, Kobe may have been the future, but as of that moment he was living in Jordan’s world.

Life is all about how you view yourself. If you walk around all day talking about how ugly you are, that’s how people will begin to treat you. When you have certain standards for yourself and you hold yourself to them, people have no choice but to follow as such when they enter your life because that’s what they see you do for yourself. Just like when you are dating a girl that buys herself purses, always have her hair done, and keep her nails and feet done, you have to know that when you approach her that is the same energy she will expect you to match. Find you a girl that is in your price range or you’ll be ordering the chicken tender plate at a 5-star restaurant.

Lil Wayne x I’m Me

I feel I’ve applied the mindset to go to the max in everything I do in my life, not just for a task I do or in sports. I don’t believe in half-assing anything. Don’t get me wrong, I may half-ass some work that I don’t care to do, but it’s a good chance that I’ll come back around and make it exceptional for my standards. I HATE half ass workouts. Do not ask me to work out with you if I won’t leave the workout crawling or gasping for my last breath. I want to feel the workout all week that’s how hard we went. I love going to the max of everything I put my name on, anything less than is a waste of my time. I’ve always said when girls try to talk to me and see if they like me that they need to make a decision. The talking stage is like renting a house. I’m not for rent nor for lease. You either buy me all at once or you move on to the next “best” option. If you date me, date me fully. Don’t get what you need out of me and go on about your day like I’m a rag doll. I want to experience all someone has to offer for me, I do understand sometimes that experience gets cut short, but it still doesn’t change my mindset towards wanting the max of everything I experience.

I’ve never felt that this was a bad thing for me. It brings out the best in me and allows me to experience the greatest parts of life. Even more, it drives me to go hard and to be the greatest version of myself. Also, with me wanting to experience the greatest feeling for everything I do, you have to accept the emotions that comes behind it. When I seem to be nonchalant realize it’s because I don’t want to let everything in me out and be let down for an abbreviated experience. Or it may also be because I feel you aren’t worth having all of me and that you can’t handle all that comes along with me. I hold myself to a high standard, anything less than that is a disappointment in my eyes. It is annoying to have to experience something and it not be the best experience possible. Why would you go to six flags for the first time, ride one ride, then leave? That would’ve been a waste of an experience when you could’ve come early, rode all the rides, and achieved the full experience. Always strive for the most out of anything, don’t be satisfied with just living in the world make a name for yourself.


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