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Big Sean- Me, Myself, and I

I’m seeing a new trend for this generation growing, and I don’t like it at all. I’m not sure how it came about either, it’s like one day we woke up and a switch had been flipped. Our happiness was hijacked from us, and for the last few years, we’ve been racing to get it back. Who is to blame for this robbery? It seems like we try to search for people to be the ones to bring our happiness back to us, but that only puts us further out of reach of our happiness than before. Do we look at people who may have the happiness we want and try to leech off their energy to get a taste of how the good life feels again? Can someone else give you an emotion that you don’t have for yourself and you appreciate it?

When I came to college I always felt like I had a cool relationship with God. I knew a lot of the stories, my mom and family always kept me in the church, so I never truly felt a need to go into research on the Bible and God for myself. I was told once that you can’t get into heaven off of someone else’s coat tail. You need a relationship with God for yourself, everyone else’s relationship has no direct correlation to yours. What I’m saying is that I had to experience God and find him for my own to actually obtain a relationship with him. I knew of God and all he could do, but I had never paid attention to him working in my life as I do now. You can’t appreciate something for what it truly is if you never experience it for yourself while being aware. You can live off opinions from others all your life, but they’ll never be your reality. You’re just a second-hand life goer. 

I think my life changed for the better when I changed my mindset. I normally would think more from a third person mindset, in that, I would do my own thing, but still think ahead of the process and think how everything I did would be viewed by others. That was toxic though, I couldn’t be myself because all of my normal reactions would be second-guessed ahead of time. It’s like Charles Barkley golf swing…..

I had to release that though and had to train myself to learn how to block negative thoughts out of my mind. It wasn’t easy, whenever you try to break bad habits are when they attack you the hardest. Progress is measured on your account though, know that each day your goal is to better yourself and achieve greater happiness. Life grants you the most happiness when you’re living in the now. Don’t stress, don’t worry, just live. Keep God first and you’re family close. Sometimes seclusion can give you the boost ahead that you need to get back on track. Remember when you would get in trouble and your parents would lock you in the house? You’d get all your homework done, read a couple of books, might even clean your room. Now once you became free again you were in a totally different mind space and acting as the perfect kid. Get in your bag and stop looking at the cup as half empty and look at it as half full. Make the change.


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