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Partynextdoor – Own Up To Your Shit

Have you ever dated someone that could never hold themselves accountable for anything they did? It’s like you had to be their parent they acted so oblivious to their own actions. They say women mature faster than men… I will neither confirm nor deny that claim, but I do know there are some sections that they might have skipped over, such as “accountability”. There are always some outliers to every statement though, so this can be said as well for males. Speaking for myself I feel I grew up quicker than most boys around me. Being around older crowds while I was always the youngin’ of the group gave me a lot of knowledge early on. Accountability became a big factor in my life, I knew better so I was preassumed to do better. That’s the problem though, I feel a lot of people put on the image that they know better but don’t back it up with their actions which causes an illusion on the image for those that actually do better.

Why can’t people own up to their shit? Is it because they throw their actions in the back of their head and never take the time to reflect on their wrongs? Or could it be that they can’t bring themselves to face their reality they’ve created? Some just lack the emotional intelligence to realize that they aren’t always a victim, and that they are the only one that can fix their problem. I’ve finally grown an understanding for the saying “you made these beds, you’re gonna lay in them.” When you’re the direct cause for several issues or you realize a certain problem keeps arising in your life and you keep avoiding the situation, this is you trying to not lay in the bed you made. Sometimes you have to sit down and accept the karma you’ve accumulated. Accepting your wrongs does not lower your crown, It’s a part of growth. I learned that some of the old ways we used to think may have done us justice in the past, but they have an expiration date. The way you moved 10 years ago shouldn’t be the same way you move today. There should be a recognizable growth on you, stop trying to throw a cover on your wrongs and let them build you to grow into something greater.

Nothing is worse than being with someone that can’t admit when they are wrong. Sometimes it’s not even an issue on if you were wrong or right, it’s how you acted on the situation that arises conflict. Sometimes accountability can fix a problem that a “sorry” may not resolve. It’s the fact that you are aware and making strides to change the wrongs you have made that make you a better person. You will never be able to run away from your reality, it’ll follow you your whole life. Criticism neither makes nor break you, but it can better you depending on how you choose to view it. Perspective is everything, we have to stop being a generation of one sided thinking. Some people criticize you because they fear where you are in life while others may criticize you because they know you can be even greater than where you are in life right then. Don’t run from a blessing because you’re scared to feel failure again. You can never be a 100% right, but you can strive each day to hold yourself accountable for all of your actions and how they may affect not only you, but the people around you. Remember when your parents would tell you before you went out to your friend house “Don’t make me look like you don’t have good home training” in disguise what they were saying is go over there and do right, don’t act as if you won’t be held accountable for your actions once you return back home. Stop running from your fears and face your demons so that you can clear that negative air and get back on your path of greatness.

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