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The art of seduction traps a lot of people without them even knowing they’ve been seduced. The feeling just comes over them and its like magic how someone walked in your life and begin dangling around your strings how they have you in their fingers. Shooting at someone who already has a duo on their team can be a very difficult and dangerous task. You have to accept the consequences that may come along with the actions you are committing and you must be ideal and slick with your words to gain the attention of the person. The Rake is an excellent comparison to how you must act how swift and how much of a thrill they’ll bring along with them. Most love the sense of danger in a relationship, it gives them a feeling they’ve never felt before, but have seen on many different movies over the years. You can now be in the hot pot and see how it boils over for yourself. Don’t allow a temporary excitement cause you to lose someone that wanted to give you a forever feeling.

Getting Ready

Before you shoot your shot at someone you must know what you’re getting yourself into. Don’t go headfirst into someone DM’s and end up being posted on the TL with the caption “Niggas so thirsty I swear.” First, you much learn how to approach that person. Don’t go up to them and start talking about some nonsense, especially if you’re in a club environment. You have to make sure it’s perfect, you only get one first impression don’t waste it by not being properly prepared. Have some counter attacks for when they try to curve you for the simple fact they’re being approached. Never go out too soon without having a little push back, but if you see your measures aren’t working then maybe they really don’t like you and you should just go on about your day. You can’t have any fear when you are shooting your shot, I know a lot of people that say they don’t shoot their shots because they are scared of rejection. If Michael never shot the ball because he was scared he would miss would he ever be in the hall of fame? You have to take risks and be able to accept what might all come with it. If you shoot your shot it can go one of two ways, they’ll either let you make the shot and you begin a new season with them or they will reject the shot and you’ll stay a free agent until a team asks you for tryouts. It’s a 50/50 chance to achieve your goal, are you gonna take it or pass the opportunity? Speaking of pass, some teams you must pass on. Everyone isn’t meant to be shot at, remember to know your target beforehand. You might sign to a team that’s known for being toxic and not taking care of their players or you could sign to a team that is healthy and bread champions… Choose wisely.

Subbed into the game

You have to know yourself when you get into the game. Know what you can contribute to the team, the situation, and what areas you can work on to improve yourself as well. Stay true to yourself, a lot of times people try to change up to fit the needs of the team and fit into a system that was designed for them to stand out. You can begin to lose yourself in the process of trying to accommodate everyone but yourself. Know what got you in this situation and know that you can control only what you contribute to it. There is no I in team, but there are superstars and role players, which one will you be?

Lob Boyz

Sometimes you may start off rocky and need your potna’s to keep you in the game so they’ll throw you a lob to get your momentum up and put you back in your comfort zone. Once you’re comfortable you can be yourself and just let it all flow. It’s all about the mood and the vibe during the encounter that’ll determine if you’re worth being offered a 3-year contract or a 10-day contract. Set the tone, make yourself stand out from everyone else competing for a roster spot. Be original, don’t try to use some lines your brother used or you heard on a movie. We are all different so use that to your advantage, come up talking to them about something they may have no knowledge in. If you’re interesting enough they’ll partake in the conversation and maybe even give you their number somewhere during it. Once you set yourself apart from the pack then this is when you’ll get closer to gaining that spot on the team and start your career.

Buzzer Beater

One way to know that you are on the team is when they post you on the socials. We all know people are so hesitant to post their significant others nowadays, so if you made it to the TL, Congratulations. I had a phase of life where I liked being single so I could come up with different ways to shoot at women. It was like a game in my head and I had to see how creative I could get to see if I could get the number or cuff them. I realized though, if I’m on a team and constantly shooting like I never had a shot to begin with then I’d become a player whose jersey gets retired in the rafters. This is the true goal, to reach the hall of fame and be a King Remembered In Time. All of this can be achieved if you just take the risk. You can’t go anywhere in life being scared to make the decision to get up and go get it. My parents always asked me, ” Why are you scared to ask us for something? The worst thing we could say is no, and even then you didn’t have it to begin with so what did you really lose?” That stuck with me in every aspect. Nobody can stop me from achieving my goals because even when I fail, I didn’t have it before so now I just must find another way to achieve what I know is meant for me.


Big shoutouts to feedpost for ranking me 39 out of 50 for the top bloggers/websites in Dallas. This was a great acknowledgment, but only fueled me to be better so that I can reach number one.

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