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Drake – Closer

Many people fear chasing their dreams. I don’t think it’s because they don’t want what’s at the end of the tunnel, but because they fear the risk of going so far and not reaching what they initially began for. A lot of times people stay stuck in the planning phase because they feel lost and don’t know what route to take. Let me give you some friendly advice though… just begin where you’re at. It may sound kinda simple, but that’s the key to it all. You can never see the growth in your drive until you take the first step and begin the journey. Don’t be discouraged when you tell people your dreams and they laugh or downplay the seriousness of your statement. You can’t expect others to see and recognize the dream that God has in place for you, it’s not theirs. Remember that it’s always crazy until you do it.

A lot of times people don’t mean harm when they talk negatively about your dreams or when they try to detour you to another route that wasn’t a part of your plan. This may just be them putting their own fears and insecurities onto you because they could never see themselves doing what you are doing. Finding your purpose is very important on the journey of fulfilling your dreams. You can’t know which direction to go in if you don’t have the GPS system operating correctly. When you find your true purpose you will have the drive to wake up and begin working on fulfilling your dreams daily. It’s not a race, it’s a marathon. Don’t allow one day of bad luck to kill the dream that makes you who you are. Never forget that you are your only competition. I know you may see others working their way up the ladder quicker than you, but stay in your lane and have tunnel vision on your own goals. People will only post their good, never their bad, so don’t focus on someone else’s blessing too long to where you lose your own.

When you lose the fire that once caused you to begin, take a step back and try to remember what made you begin in the first place. We all can lose hope in something when we do it so often, but I learned when you fall in love with the process of the grind you stay motivated on your goals. You have to love getting up early every day to be ahead of everyone else that’s still asleep, you have to love the long restless nights you’re up still working, these are what makes the greatness in you. Don’t cut yourself short looking for ways around the grind, this will only lead you to a route of self destruction.

J. Cole – Dollar and A Dream 3

Never stop dreaming. Even after you reach all your initial goals, come up with more. The marathon continues. Accept the progress that you’ve made, but never get complacent in your growth. Always strive to better yourself in every area possible. J. Cole said a line in his song “Grew Up Fast” “Funny how my old highs is suddenly my new lows” When you grow so much, you may reach a point where things you use to consider the holy grail will become something that makes you realize that you aren’t going hard enough. When you grow, things that once worried you will lose its value, you don’t stress over things when they no longer frighten you. Allow God to move in your dreams, we may have our own plan, but make sure you leave some room for God to work in your goals. Don’t be so quick to share your good news either, sometimes speaking too soon on something that’s in the works can be the iceberg to the Titanic. Allow your work to speak for itself, I promise you even if they aren’t showing interest they are still very much interested because there will always be that idea in the back of their head that you may actually make it…

The more work I put in the more I feel that I am closer to achieving my dreams. I may be a good distance away from the finish line, but my pace that I have will surely allow me to reach my goals in a timely manner. I make sure that I stay dedicated to my craft, if I don’t feel like writing today I’ll spend the day reading books that help me find my inspiration or designing graphics for my website or anyone who has hired my services at that moment. All in all, I never stop. Bounce around, keep your mind busy and growing, but don’t get so lost in your craft that you lose a sense of reality or what your purpose for creating was. Dreams are so clear for a reason, we’re meant to achieve them. Why would I set the table to eat if I didn’t plan on having a feast?


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