Saving For Dummies

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Dom Kennedy x If It Don’t Make Money


One day Tabias and I were together and he owed me $5 from a previous day we had been together chilling. He bought a cupcake from the famous Pamnie’s Cakes and paid me $10 ($5 for the money he owed and $5 for the cupcake). That same day we were together and were hungry and I had a coupon for a buy one get one free pizza so we decided to go in together and buy that to satisfy our hunger. It ended up costing $5 from each of us, so I gave him a $10 bill and he gave me $5 in change back. We ended up circulating money into each other pockets in a great way that day. He was originally in debt when he came to my apartment, but he left debt-free AND even got his $10 bill back he had given me earlier that day. That same day we only spent $10 at an outside of our race business and kept $15 in our community. I feel once the black community realizes that if we circulate the money we have into each other pockets that we would all be able to eat and get rich. We are much more willing to give money to companies that charge $300 for a shirt and belt, but get mad when a black business charges us $30 for a t-shirt. We search for the flaws in our own community businesses, instead of giving feedback and allowing the companies to properly grow into more than what they currently are. We give everyone else so many chances to obtain our business, but when a black business takes longer than a week to deliver our package we run to social media to bash them for bad business.

Saving 101

Saving can be hard if you don’t know how to manage your income correctly. One day I had a big bottle of Amsterdam my brother bought me during my sophomore year, and saw the empty bottle sitting in my room and thought “I want to start putting money in here so I can’t touch it and see how much I can save up”. I kept the bottle with me all semester and through the next school year as well. I broke open the bottle this year on my birthday and felt so happy at how much money I had accumulated over the time period. Some days I would just come home, open my wallet, then take half the money I had at that moment and throw it in the bottle. I would make myself learn how to survive off a smaller amount of money than I was use to because I knew my wallet money was going down, but my savings were going up each time I subtracted money from my wallet. Saving has always been a skill I’ve had the upper hand in for a long time. As kids, my dad taught me and my brother to always save our coins for a rainy day that may come. That tip saved me so many days when I was in college and needed a dollar for a meal to eat because the noodles weren’t cutting it anymore. I also learned a tip where if you get a check that’s $778, you’d take $700 of it, put it in the bank, and use the $78 to survive until your next check came. This tip takes a lot of discipline though. If you’re one of those people that spend without care you’ll end up broke in 2 days. You have to learn how to cut your own hand off, stay in the house, and go without sometimes so you can save you some change little by little. Be able to decipher between a want and a need. If you can’t do something as simple as saving, how could you ever expect to be an Entrepreneur for a big named business you’ve created? Be disciplined to yourself, It’s easy to be disciplined for your parents or someone that takes care of you, but when they aren’t there to watch over you can you hold yourself accountable?

On the Come Up

Most Americans are scared to make money. I think the fact that we were never taught how to make money any other way besides working a 9-5 is what keeps people in a stagnant mindset on how to increase their money. Most hear words like forex and bitcoin and automatically think “scam”. I asked my bro Jared to give me some insight on the forex market, so I’ll just let you read what he had to say about it. “Forex is the foreign exchange market, being apart of the market allows you to profit from global currencies fluctuating up and down. It is also a $5.3 trillion dollar daily market and guess who runs it? The Big Banks like Citi, JPMorgan, and Barclays all control a large share of the market. Forex is not a scam because the banks have been using it to triple their money in their accounts since the 1970s. They use our money in our bank accounts to trade and make more money and only give us a monthly interest rate of .06 or less. This is robbery at its finest, it is time to at least educate yourself about the Forex market! You can message me on Twitter and IG at ForexStovi! My team and I will teach you how to trade like the banks! #Tradehousellc”. Now I had the opportunity to sit on a call with Jared and his team and I can honestly vouch for what he said. When you’ve been taught how to maneuver like the 98% of course once you figure out how the 2% move you’re gonna think it’s not of the ordinary. That’s what we need to take a deeper look into though, why would they teach the 98% to do what the 2% do when the 2% runs the world and the 98% are the dummies that continue to go a long way but fail to realize it’s the wrong way. If you could keep tricking someone to do what you wanted them to do and continue to get rich for generations while still somewhat giving them some of your profit would you change anything up? Don’t think like the 98%, think like 2%.


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