False Prophets

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Kanye West – Power


Matthew 6:24 “No one can serve two masters. For you will hate one and love the other; you will be devoted to one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and be enslaved to money.

How do things come into power to where people view them as a God? What type of persuasion must take place for something to be viewed so highly in the eyes of so many? Many would think Beyonce was a God how everyone bows at her feet. She could tell everyone to cancel their Netflix subscriptions because they did something wrong to her, and I guarantee Netflix would see a drop in their stocks quickly. The ability to be able to control the actions of someone else with the little use of words is the ultimate power. Think about it, we all said we couldn’t wait until we were older so that we could call our kids into the room just for them to pass us the remote that was 2 feet away. A lot of people yearn for power but didn’t know how to act when the teacher made them the name taker when they’d leave the class. When power has an open availability this arises many prideful and unjust people ready for a swing of the bat. The pursuit of gaining more power is why we have wars, fights, arguments and any other physical altercation.

J. Cole – False Prophets

Let me dive a little deeper real quick… There are so many false prophets and false God’s in this world right now. We are quick to put our faith in any and everyone, but God. We search for all the answers that God could give us in people that can only bring us more confusion. I think this generation searches for a reason to explain everything so much that they forget that God is unexplainable. Everything that happens in this world and in the bible doesn’t need a reason behind it, because it was an act of God and that’s enough for it to be acceptable. We sit on the TL, scroll daily, and read people make all types of statements that will be viewed as facts if we don’t do our research, and that is what hurt us the most. We are so lazy to get up and do our research because the world has become a place where the answers can come to you with the search of the question on Google. A wise quote goes “Anything worth having doesn’t come easy, and anything easy isn’t worth having.” Some things we have questions on and want the real answers for takes time and research. Wanting to know how God can bless you in ways you could never imagine isn’t a question that Google can answer in a way you will be able to fully comprehend. You’ll have to go out and meet people that follow God and truly walk in his image and ask them how their lives have changed for the better and you’ll learn more and more about God and his powers. I think a lot of people join the Christian religion hoping for their lives to suddenly become full of happiness and joy when that’s not the case. My youth pastor Robert Purvey would always say that being a Christian doesn’t mean you’re sinless, it means that you will sin less.

I feel that we have a generation of scared Christians. It’s so many people trying to find ways to tear down religion as a whole. I feel that they are scared to be a part of a group that comes together and worship God and grows together. If it is one thing I can’t stand it is a person that always say on Sundays how they don’t go to church because God knows their heart. God knows your heart, but he doesn’t know your face. Maybe if Christians weren’t scared to share God’s word we’d have more Christ-followers. Active Christians are so closed off to other Christ-followers that go out and only tell the bad that happened while they were in the church and not the good that God has done in their lives, that we just allow them to continue to throw dirt on the church house and this cycle keeps people out of the church more than the early colonizers forcing Christianity down early natives throats. This a generation of “yes men”, and people that won’t stand up for what they believe in because they’re scared of how others may view them. I’m tired of that though, you can’t live with fear and still say you have faith in God. Fear and Faith cannot coexist. Yes, you can have moments where fear arises, but faith always comes in and overtake that fear and give you a comfort feeling again.

Comfort can arise the feeling of laziness if you’re relaxed for too long. Nobody is original anymore, everyone is confusing influence with copying. It’s like when you would give your friend your homework and tell them they could copy it, but change some of it up a little bit so you wouldn’t get caught cheating and they’d disregard all of that and copy it word for word. I was always the kind to copy, skip a step or two, and add my own lil taste to the words to make it sound more like me than them all while still trying to learn the assignment. That’s what we’re lacking though. Everyone is copying everyone else’s actions word for word instead of accepting the help and throwing their own taste on it to make it their own. Stop following the crowd and accepting what everyone else does because society says everything is acceptable. It’s ok to stand on your word and be solid in yourself. People are so strong behind doors, but when someone that disagrees with them comes onto the scene all of your morals for yourself goes out the door. Always show love everywhere you go and with everyone you meet, just because someone is different than you doesn’t mean for you to show them hate or talk down upon them, you can always agree to disagree and keep it pushing. We’d rather accept someone else’s ways and allow it corrupt what we were raised to stand on, rather than standing tall and accepting all the backlash that might come along while standing. “Nothing distracts one’s true purpose in life more than following the crowd mentality.”


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