Love From My Eyes (His Side)

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Kaash Paige – Love Songs


Love is the memories that we create. 

Love is the reflective nostalgia of each other’s past while chasing a better future.

Love is coming home to the sounds of family all gathered around. 

Love is the accommodation of you and me.

Love has no body but feels amazing. 

Love catches you alone and brings you into the crowd. 

Love is the feeling in my body when I think of you.

Love is me giving you my last with no hesitation.

Love is canceling plans because you need me. 

Love is the distance that’ll never break our bond. 

Love is the random checkups out of the blue to see how you’re doing. 

Love is you knowing me like a book that you wrote.  

Love is you being able to look at me and know how I’m feeling without asking any questions. 

Love is being in your presence and feeling as if the world has stopped to give us a little more time together. 

Love is timeless. 

Love is family. 

Love is attention to detail. 

Love is patient. 

Love is the director of our movie. 

Love is never holding. 

Love is seeing you at your worst and still knowing you’re still worthy of all your dreams. 

Love is many things, but most importantly Love is the unwavering emotion that causes us to do the things that we would otherwise complain about to anyone else, but for you I love.


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