Welcome To My Dreams

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Welcome to my dreams… This season will be a little different. Let’s say it’s more intentional. Every piece of content I present has a meaning behind it. Throughout my prior seasons, I threw subtle hints at certain things and made connections between blogs, but I’ve never done anything like I’m doing this season.

I’ve been a dreamer since I was able to comprehend what a dream was. Growing up I wanted to be a part of the Dreamchasers label just because I loved the ambition in Meek Mill and also all of the Dreamchaser mixtapes. In my dreams is where I plant my seeds and grow my goals. In my dreams, I gain comprehension of what I want from my life and then I wake up and go get it. This season is called Nightmares of A Dreamer though… This won’t be one of those dreams that have you waking up feeling jolly, oh no, this is more like the ones you wish you could wake up from but you’re stuck still.

Throughout this season I will present you with skits, blogs, and video content to match each blog and enhance your experience of Arkham Thoughts. Be ready for the twist and turns of my mind, I can guarantee this isn’t something you’ve seen before. The vulnerability and the refreshing feeling after writing my heart into these blogs helped my spirit more than I could’ve imagined. This season will deal with mind games, emotions, childhood trauma, and fear altogether. I pray through this experience I’m taking you all on that you will gain that same feeling of freedom I felt. It’s time to let go of all that old pain and make room for your newfound happiness. I hope you’re ready, Welcome to My Dreams, but most importantly, Welcome to Nightmares of A Dreamer…

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