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Why does it seem like in dreams everything is always moving in slow motion when you need to go the fastest? It can be a situation about to happen and you’ll try to swing on someone and you’ll throw a punch slower than molasses. Don’t even bother trying to run, you’re only going to run as fast as a slow walk. You’ll probably wake up mad at the fact that you couldn’t even defend yourself properly. What if you had a dream of you being stalked though? The person seems to be everywhere you are, but you still can’t catch a glimpse of them. What if your worst nightmare was caused by the thoughts that linger in your head at night before you fall asleep? Could you be your own worst enemy? If you found a way to break free of your mind and negative thoughts could you find your greater purpose in life?…

As the night winded down and I finally said my prayers, the sleep I imagined that I was about to receive was immaculate. After a long tiresome day, what better way to end it than watching Criminal Minds to pass the time until I dozed off. I found myself awoken by the feeling of my phone constantly vibrating throughout the night. Usually, I would assume it was just the group message going crazy at a random time of night so I nudged it off and fell back to sleep, but this time it was different. Once awoken by the bright light of the sun creeping through my blinds I checked my phone to see what was going on last night that had it buzzing off the hook. I was confused to see no messages from the group message, but several calls from a random number… I brushed it off assuming it had to be random spam calls. I sat my phone back down and begun my morning routine. I brushed my teeth, washed my face, and of course had to brush my hair to make sure I still looked good. Finally, my morning had begun and it was time for me to take on my day.

As my day got on a roll, I began to work on a graphic for an upcoming project for my brand. I was interrupted by the same number that had called me several times throughout the night sending me a text message… The message read “I see you…” Being that I’ve only seen this happen in movies or crime shows my initial reaction was to look around my surroundings and see if I could see anyone looking at me or near my direction. After surveying out the blinds and seeing nothing but darkness, I once again through the thought in the back of my head and kept on going about my day. A block a day keeps the haters away. After blocking the number that’s been bugging me all day, I continued to work on my design and see what else this day could present me.

Reading has always been a passion of mine behind creative writing. My day proceeded as I began to read through my dream journal. I know many may know of a dream journal as a place where you write all of your dreams from the night before, but I switched it up a little bit and wrote all my dreams that I have for my life in there. As I dove deep into my own dreams I was interrupted by a phone call from an unknown number once again… This time when I answered all I could hear was the sounds of the room I was currently in. I was confused but still intrigued. Suddenly came a knock at the front door, but realizing how late it was outside I was confused about the arrival of a visitor. I walked to the door slowly hoping to catch a glimpse of the face between the glass on the door, but I still couldn’t see anything. I opened the door to the shocking arrival of darkness… Nobody was visible in the night but I had a feeling someone was out there watching me…

Putting the phone back up to my ear I heard a raspy dark voice ask me “are you not going to check the house? Maybe the closet?” This response made me skeptical of what I might find on this goose chase. Looking through the closet first, I opened the door to only find towels folded up as usual. Confused again I thought on the decision to hang up, but this was the longest I had retained interaction with whoever had been watching me for all this time so I felt the need to make use of it. Feeling the patience in my voice fading away, the person on the phone asked: “Are you not going to check under the bed?” With my last bit of compliance, I went to go check under the bed. Knowing how most movies where someone is being hunted, I felt I knew the importance of someone choosing under the bed as their hiding space from the killer, but the thought of the killer being under the bed instead was an idea I had never played with. As I slowly looked under the bed I was relieved by the fact I saw nothing but the other side of the room from up under the bed, but that wasn’t the end just yet… He made one last remark when I put the phone back up to my ear and said: “Check again…”

I’m no magician, but I knew that if I had just checked and saw nothing, the odds of me checking under the bed again should be in my favor to see nothing again, right?… I leaned down to check again under the bed and was frozen by the appearance of a pair of black shoes standing on the other side. My heart had fallen into a pit that felt like a sunken place. I slowly rose up to a figure in a grey hoodie standing on the other side of the bed. It’s like I was in sleep paralysis how I was struck by the moment. I didn’t know what to do besides put my back against the wall and face the fear. It felt as if we were getting closer to each other, but no one was moving. It’s like he was a ghost floating through the room and I was the victor of his wraith. His hollow movement kept me in a stagnant position, then suddenly he broke loose and reached out for me. The feeling of this “kick” jumped me up from my darkness and brought me back from my lost pit. I was stuck in a dream, and my mind had tricked me into believing that I was in a sense of danger when in reality I had been sound asleep in my bed the whole time.

Sometimes we’re our own worst enemy. Our eyes and our mind can trick us into seeing things that are not present but are visible. We go through similar feelings like this all the time, like when we see something and assume what was happening and go on a tyrant of being mad for 30 days just to find out it wasn’t what your eyes made you see. That sounds like a smokescreen to me. We don’t realize the thoughts that linger on our minds as we get ready to go to sleep controls our night. Be careful of the energy you allow into your mind the last few hours of the day and the first few hours of your morning. These thoughts can change or direct the path for your day and night. Allow the last things you see at night to be something comforting to your heart and soul. Law of Attraction is real, thoughts control your actions, don’t be a slave to your desires so much that you can’t direct your own mind.


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