Expectations pt. 2

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In the final fight scene between batman and the joker gives a great example of expectations and how they control us. Joker sets the scene up by having a ferry of citizens and a ferry of prisoners stranded on the sea and the only way they can survive is if one of them set off the bomb that’s on the other people boat. He gives them a time limit and ironically as his fight with batman is about to end it is time for the decision to be made on who will explode and perish. As the time winds down he soon finds out that everyone isn’t as crazy and mad as he thinks they are. People have a level on how far they will go… until they snap. Joker expectation that deep down everyone was as ugly as he was became a let down for him, or so many would have thought. Batman eventually through joker off balance and through him off the cliff before eventually saving his life as well. This only let Joker see that batman is truly incorruptible as Batman has vowed to never take a life because he feels there is still a bit of good in all people. Normally with any other person Joker would’ve killed them by now, but the fun he has toying with batman is too good to let it end so quickly. They have both met their match. One would have thought all the expectations were done, but joker finally revealed his true plan and that was that he corrupted the famous Harvey Dent… Now with someone that was supposed to have his name live in legacy has turned into a vigilant killer… Did expectations really favor towards Joker’s hand? He had originally planned to toy with Batman, but he in the end took an even greater W with his toying with Harvey. Maybe in this situation expectations really did fall purposeful…

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