Heartbreak 101 pt.2

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I know that I’m young and I must lose in order to learn and get better, but my goal when I meet women I want to date is to get the end goal. I do realize that I am still young, and have to go through certain experiences to be able to learn and be wiser for my next chance at love whenever it may come. Sometimes you only get one chance at things though, other times you’re blessed to be able to make it back and compete again. Love is one of those things you can always get another chance at though. Maybe not with a person you tried with before, but the opportunities are unlimited you just have to be aware to notice them. Give love your all every time. If your love doesn’t fix the problem, then move on. When you go your hardest every time you can’t be mad at how the outcome plays out, it was your best. Sometimes our best isn’t enough, but that doesn’t mean our best is held any lower than what it is. Don’t beat yourself up because someone else couldn’t see the price that you are worth. We all have different perspectives, so your best might be someone else’s worst, but we all can still grow and be better versions of ourselves if we acknowledge what we sometimes don’t want to see and grow from it. Don’t be so stuck in your ways that you blind yourself from seeing something in another way that you may think is wrong, but is the other person right… think about it.

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