Solomon’s Interlude

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On days like this, when the storm clouds seem to loom over longer than usual, and the raindrops splash against the windowpane with excessive force instead of slight ease. When the air takes the shape of deadly winds rather than the calm breeze and replaces the beautiful songs of birds with the terrifying howls of wolves.

These days, the earth sits. 

No soul wanders the vast lands and no beast strolls the vacant fields.

What was once filled with life has been reduced to nothing.

But still, the earth remains.

Even when the strongest forces from the heavens beat against its fragile frame,

ripping the hair from its scalp and leaving open gashes across its skin while tearing to the ground all the work it produced.

Still, the earth spins. 

And the day passes.

The day passes and the clouds that once loomed over dismiss themselves and loom no more as the sun’s golden rays warm the face. And with this, the raindrops vanish beneath the surface leaving no trace of their past other than the new growth left upon the head of the earth. The birds who were once silenced, no longer needing to take shelter, fly free in the calm whispers of the wind and with these whispers they bring to the world their beautiful song. 

What was once a destroyed wasteland stripped of its fruits, has now blossomed into an oasis thriving with life and beauty.

“Gam zeh ya’avor /This too shall pass.”

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