Once An Addict pt. 2

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Younger J. Cole speaking on addictions

What do you really want? Like what is your end goal for the decisions that you make in your life? In the end, do you see happiness? Riches? Fame? Love? Are some of our goals unrealistic? Or maybe not unrealistic, but unfulfilling. They won’t bring us the peace and feeling of completeness we think we’ll have in the end. You’ll still feel alone because those items are valueless. They can’t bring you real happiness. They only put you further from the reach of the things you should’ve put your value in the most. The more you grow the more you dive into your mind and you begin to dissect where you put your value at. Love is real, that’s something you can’t pay for. Even if you could it wouldn’t be genuine so it would never feel right. Learn what things really matter to you in your life and put that first.


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