FEAR pt.2

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Genius Breakdown

If you have read Kory’s latest blog “FEAR” you may want to go back and re-read it to see some new updates on it. For those that haven’t read FEAR yet, you can go read now and come back, don’t worry I’ll wait…..

Ok, now that everyone is caught up. Kory wanted to showcase the talents and skills to the craft of Kendrick when he made this song. Sometimes Kory wonders do artists realize how talented they are when they put together pieces like this and make it seem effortless. Kory wanted to pay homage to Kendrick on this blog because he felt this song brought him enlightenment that he had been searching in circles for the answer for. This is honestly one of Kory’s best-written blogs, we look forward to seeing what else he can bring forward to us in his career here at Arkham Thoughts. This may be the end of Nightmares of A Dreamer Season 3 of Arkham Thoughts, but don’t go too far we have some more news coming for you soon!!!

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