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Welcome, Graduating Class of Arkham Thoughts 2020. Today you will no longer feel fear. You will graduate and step into your dreams and begin your journey of fulfilling them. After today you will no longer be held hostage to your parent’s expectations of you or anyone else who throws their wants and desires upon you. You will step out into the world with the tools of pursuit and absolute desire to walk in your purpose and succeed in being successful. Know that you cannot fail when you know your path and stick to that course. Your dream isn’t something that you can jump ship midway when things get hard, we didn’t raise you to be that way. As an Alumni of the exclusive Class of Arkham Thoughts 2020, you will now have all the tools to be the best version of yourself and know that positivity is always the choice and negativity is never an option. You become what you think of the most, so why not choose today to commit to thinking about the betterment of yourself and walking in your purpose for being alive.

Each and every one of us has a special gift about us that makes us unique. It’s that one thing we can do effortlessly that we exceed at so well. School always felt like robot training how it taught us to think the same. My favorite teachers would be the ones that would explain to us how to solve a problem like the book says to, but then would elaborate and tell us how they would go about solving it in a much more simpler way. We all have different things that make us tick and breathe, why would anyone think that teaching one way would be the best way of education? I was always the type to learn how to do things by the book, and then put my own taste on it so that when people saw it they would know it’s my work. Take my blogs for example… when I talk to people in everyday conversation I’ll have gifs popping up in my head, but only I can see those things and see the masterpiece behind what I’m saying and how it all flows. I decided to take that same experience and give it to everyone else in my own creative way. In a sense, the gifs give you the extra context to fully understand what I’m really saying. I think school has killed a lot of people desires to be who they want to truly be in life. We spend so much time sitting in a class learning about something from a book that experience could have taught us in a day. I’m not knocking going to college, but people have different ways of learning and I don’t feel every career needs a diploma to validate your credibility. I developed a love for writing out of the emotion of feeling I can communicate myself best through written text. Out of all the classes I took in college my two college writing classes were the only courses that I felt I could showcase my talents the best and I loved that my professors took the time to learn me through my writing style rather than how a curriculum told them to grade me. Plenty of times in similar writing-based classes I would receive low grades on essays because the teachers felt I never answered questions correctly or in the right order. The sad truth is they just didn’t understand the context I was speaking in.

I remember after failing two consecutive essays I called my mom out of frustration after leaving a rude teaching assistant office hours to discuss what went wrong. I told her about how I felt misunderstood at my school. I felt that I wasn’t being given the same opportunity as others in my classes. I would sit and watch the same students that slept and talked all class converse about how they made such high grades on a test while I would be sitting observing my exam wondering how I could barely scratch a 60. My anger had reached its max and I was ready to blow. Too many times I felt overlooked in my work because I spoke from a standpoint that was chosen not to be understood. My mom told me I had to learn how to speak in a way that the “higher-ups” would understand, but how could I do that? I felt that went against everything I believed in. That was just another way I felt the school system tried to take away all of our “streetness” and put me in a box I wasn’t meant to fit in. I will always be me and I feel if I cant find a system that is fit to educate someone like me then it’s my decision to go out and find a teacher that’s right for me. I never had a problem learning, I had a problem with who I was learning from.

It took me 2 and a half years of college to realize that what I was going to school for was not meant for me. I had reached my ends of sitting in a class listening to someone speak on topics they seemed just about as uninterested in as I was. I chose to follow my dreams and begin to perfect my craft day by day. Every day I wake up with the purpose of knowing what my calling is. These blogs are more than just my opinions, they are my truth and my experiences of how I’ve grown to become a dreamer of my reality. I can’t sit around and allow people to throw away their youth chasing dreams that they never dreamt of. If you never find out what a child is dreaming about you will never be able to keep their attention. The day I stopped allowing the negative thoughts of others to control my patterns is the day I gained myself back and took control of my life. I’m not knocking college at all, by any means if that’s the route you need to take to achieve your dreams do that, BUT if you have dreams that are being hindered because someone wants you to have a safety net then I’d say cut it loose. Dreams aren’t meant to be coddled. My plan A will work because I don’t spend time worrying about plan B. Think positive thoughts about your dreams, see yourself in the position you’d be in once you were to achieve those dreams. Manifest the life you want for yourself, positive thoughts about yourself and your future can take you a long way. Thoughts become actions and actions become habits. Make it a habit to be the person you want to become. Life is too short to spend it chasing someone else’s dream. Don’t be an old person that lived a life full of regrets, live your best life. Turn those tassels and throw ya caps up high, chase your dreams and never allow someone else’s opinion change what you know is meant for you. Congratulations Arkham Thoughts Class of 2020, lets takeover the world…


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